The objective of the Class Agent program is increasing alumni engagement. The two main goals of agent volunteers include (1) increasing alumni participation in the annual fund, and (2) increasing alumni attendance at regional events. For more information on the Harrisburg campus Class Agent volunteer program contact us at 717-541-3974 or

Time Commitment

  • Year-round (occasional updates and event invitations)
  • Formal program: (3 months) This year’s formal solicitation program: March 3, 2014 - May 30, 2014        
  • During this time period, volunteers should spend a few minutes each week personally reaching out to fellow Harrisburg campus alumni
  • Monthly half-hour conference calls
  • Term of up to three years


  • Serve as a liaison between the law school and its graduates
  • Assist with fundraising
  • Lead by example and make an annual fund gift preferably by April 1, at least by June 30
  • Treat privileged classmate contact information with extreme confidentiality
  • Maintain an open line of communication with the Office of Development & Alumni Engagement

Current Agents

Widener Law is seeking three Class Agents per class. Below is a list of the current Class Agents. If you are interested in becoming a Class Agent Volunteer, contact Natasha Lewis, Director of Development at 717-541-3974 or

1992 - Kevin Geary, Esq. and Stephen Hladik, Esq.

1993 - Tiffany Russo, Esq.

1994 - No Agent

1995 - Robert Trichilio, Esq.

1996 - No Agent

1997 - No Agent

1998 - No Agent

1999 - Kelly Hoover Thompson, Esq.

2000 - No Agent

2001 - No Agent

2002 - Heather Nicoletti, Esq.

2003 - George Bibikos, Esq. (Chairman)

2004 - No Agent

2005 - No Agent

2006 - Angela Coxe, Esq., LLM. and Geoffrey White Esq.

2007 - Elizabeth Flaherty, Esq. and Jonathan Koltash, Esq.

2008 - Michelle Groleau, Esq., Matthew Krupp, Esq., and Sharon Williams, Esq.

2009 - Katie Dotto, Esq.

2010 - Nekeisha Maloney, Esq. and Nicole Santo, Esq. and Scott MacMullan, Esq.

2011 - Kristy Kirk, Esq. and Paul Edger, Esq.

2012 - Nicole Radziewicz, Esq.

2013 - Janaki Theivakumara

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